10 June 2016

RADIO 3 - 1 & 2 Juky 2016


RADIO 3 – 1 & 2 Juky 2016

The third episode of the radio programme dedicated to poetry, devised by Anne-James Chaton for the Fondation Louis Vuitton.

24 hours of contemporary poetry in all its creative forms, in public and live from the Fondation.

Over 24 hrs, Radio will continue its exploration of contemporary poetry with guests from every sphere: artists Orlan and Nathalie Talec, author Camille Laurens, director Pascale Ferran, poets Jérôme Game, Giovanni Fontana, Franck Smith and Felicia Atkinson, and composers Aurélien Dumont and Patricia Alessandrini, along with many others.

As the main interview guest, Jacques Roubaud will wrap up this third edition with two hours of round table discussions about his work. Born in 1932, Jacques Roubaud has been developing a vast body of work since the 1960s that spans the centuries, from the troubadours to Oulipo. Jacques Roubaud has published poetry, prose, plays and works of literary theory. He has also translated Lewis Caroll and Charles Reznikoff, and penned many works for children. Even though he was awarded the prestigious Grand prix national de la poésie for his entire collection of works in 1990, he says that he hates competitions and examinations.

One of the highlights, Le Grand Live (Friday 1 July, 9 pm to 11.30 pm) is an exploration of Spoken Word, presented live, in public and for listeners. Black Sifichi will be performing, as well as the PLY duo, which is made up of Mathias Delplanque and Guillaume Ollendorff, while The Ex guitarist Andy Moor will be playing alongside the New York musician DJ Rupture. The Big Live Show will wrap up with a concert given by the rapper Sensational, a personality who is as rare as he is legendary and atypical, having collaborated with Spectre and lent his voice to Stockhausen.

Established following an initiative by Anne-James Chaton, RADIO explores all the aspects of contemporary poetic creation, through debates, lectures, concerts, performances, interviews, fictional films and documentaries. Broadcast live on the Fondation Louis Vuitton website and also open to the public, the RADIO programmes attract a wide variety of players involved in poetic creation from all around the world: authors, editors, magazines, art schools, research centres, performance venues, festivals, etc.

RADIO airs a broadcast for each of the four seasons from December 2015 to October 2016, and is also a space for creation through the commissioning of original compositions from poets, musicians and mixed-media artists.


Radio broadcasts live from the Fondation Louis Vuitton auditorium and can be accessed online and on the radio channels of our partner stations. The public can attend recordings and presentations given by its guests from 6 pm to midnight on Friday 1 June and from 9 am to 6 pm on Saturday 2 June. On Fridays from 6 pm, a light refreshments area will be available.


Le Grand Live is one of the highlights of the schedule, and is made up of a series of performances and concerts. It is open to the public and tickets can be bought online ( or purchased at the box office, subject to availability. Jerome Game, Black Sifichi will be performing, as well as the PLY duo, which is made up of Mathias Delplanque and Guillaume Ollendorff, while The Ex guitarist Andy Moor will be playing alongside New York musician DJ Rupture and the rapper Sensational. 

The single €10 entrance fee gives access to all the spaces in the Fondation until 11 pm.

RADIO editorial committee: Thomas Baumgartner, Anne-James Chaton, Jean-Michel Espitallier, Bastien Gallet, Françoise Lebeau, Emmanuelle de Montgazon, David Sanson, and for the Fondation Louis Vuitton: Laurence Bossé, Olivier Michelon, Suzanne Pagé and Claire Staebler.

Shows are presented by Thomas Baumgartner, Anne-James Chaton, Hubert Colas, Thomas Corlin, Jean-Michel Espitallier, Bastien Gallet, Philippe Langlois, David Sanson, Emmanuel Rabu, Nathalie Viot.

Summer 2016 Schedule : from Friday 1 July at 6 pm to Saturday 2 July at 6 pm

6p.m. – 9p.m. Le journal “poésie actuelle”

Presented by Anne-James Chaton, Jean-Michel Espitallier and Thomas Corlin. Show welcoming two guests and comprising themed Columns and Sections (horoscope, sport, gardening, cookery, games, television) lasting 10 to 20 minutes, commissioned from artists. The Columns take another look at issues that can also be found in a report on exploring the foreign expressions that populate the French language (Tutti quanti, leitmotiv, etc.). With talk-shows hosted by Orlan and Camille Laurens and reports from Aymeric Haynaux (Television), Thomas Baumgartner (Sport), Anne-James Chaton & Andy Moor (Cookery), as well as a section with Manuel Coursin (Burn Out), with Theo Kooijman.

9p.m. – 11.45p.m. Le Grand Live

Presented by Anne-James Chaton and Thomas Corlin. This live session of readings, performances and concerts takes on a particular feel at each event. The first session in December looked at electronic writing. The April session was devoted to links between poetry and rock music, the July session will focus on North American spoken word and its rap and dub inspirations, and the October session will look at performance poetry and the voice. Spoken Words concerts with Jérôme Game, Black Sifichi, Ply, DJ Rupture and Andy Moor, and Sensational

11:45p.m. – 1a.m. Dj set 

With Philippe Langlois and David Sanson: a selection of poetic and musical pieces, mixed live on the air.

1a.m. – 2a.m. School On the Air

Presented by Philippe Langlois. On the subject of poetry in art schools, teachers and students present major themes for writing, readings and performances. L’Ecole d’Art de Cergy (ENSAPC) with François Bon and Anne Destival, Jeanne Jougleux, Octave Magesca interviews and readings)

2a.m. – 3a.m. Poésie à la ville

An author is invited to present a report on a city and identify the places and people that bring that city’s poetry to life. Makiko Yamamoto wanders the streets of Melbourne (Broadcast of a creation commissioned from the author).

3a.m. – 4a.m. Poésie à la maison

A poet spends a day in the home of a great poet. Giovanni Fontana stays at the home of Gabriele d’Annunzio in Pescara on Lake Garda (Broadcast of a creation commissioned from the author)

4a.m. – 5a.m. Quels poètes êtes-vous ?

Guests of Radio # 1 and # 2 answer questions from Radio On students (Broadcast)the streets of Melbourne (Broadcast of a creation commissioned from the author).

5a.m. – 6.45a.m. Le Journal “poésie actuelle” 2

Presented by Anne-James Chaton, Jean-Michel Espitallier and Thomas Corlin. Broadcast of the second part of the original Column and Sections creations with: columns by Amandine André (Games), Guillaume Rannou (Horoscope), Félicia Atkinson (Gardening) and sections by Emmanuel Lagarrigue (Leitmotiv), Gabriel Desplanque (Eldorado), Aurélien Dumont (Tutti Quanti) and Frank Smith (Stricto Sensu)

6.45a.m. – 7.45a.m. Playlist

The guests in the ‘Modern Poetry’ magazine show comment on a selection of sound pieces they have chosen.

7.45a.m. – 8a.m. Au bout de la langue

Pastry chef Pierre Hermé and Anne-James Chaton discuss what makes a gourmet, a poetic, culinary and sound-based creation.  (Broadcast)

8a.m. – 9a.m. Poésie en plateau

Presented by Hubert Colas. Poetry has a presence on set, whether it’s the director’s or the choreographer’s. The show asks an artist about his or her relationship with poetic writing. With Julien Gosselin (Broadcast)

9a.m. – 12a.m. Poésie sur écran

Presented by Anne-James Chaton. Screenings of films and documentaries linked to poetry. The soundtrack is broadcast on the radio station. An artist chooses a work of fiction, and composes an audio description of it for the show. Exploration of Chris Marker’s work (short movies). The audience for “Poetry on Screen” will be welcomed from 8.30 am at the Fondation with coffee and petits fours provided by Pierre Hermé Paris.

12p.m. – 1p.m. La musique écrite parle encore

Presented by Bastien Gallet; This show asks whether contemporary written music still speaks, in other words whether living or dead poets, movements, texts, bodies and voices have their place in it and, if so, how and in what form. with Aurélien Dumont and Lara Morciano

1p.m. – 2p.m. Words & Music

Presented by David Sanson; What is the relationship between poetry and “modern” music? What is poetry’s place in these sound constructions? Where do rhythm and verse, and lyrics and lyricism meet? Interviews with Black Sifichi and Mathias Delplanque (PLY)

2p.m. – 3p.m. Montrer la poésie

Presented by Nathalie Viot. Poetry and Visual Art: artists, gallery owners, collectors and directors of institutions are invited to discuss the Fondation’s latest exhibitions and contemporary art shows. With Nathalie Talec, artist, and Anne-Sarah Bénichou, gallery owner

3p.m. – 4p.m. Fabriquer la poésie

Presented by Jean-Michel Espitallier and Emmanuel Rabu. This show brings together in the studio key players in the poetry “book chain”: publishers, distributors, bookshops, institutions, festivals. With Marie-Laure Picot (Director of the ‘Ritournelles’ festival), Olivier Chaudenson (Director of the Maison de la Poésie in Paris), and AC Hello (Director of Frappa magazine)

4p.m. – 5p.m. Le Grand Entretien

Presented by Thomas Baumgartner Two-hour round table with guests focusing on the work of a great artist with links to poetry

The Main Guest: Jacques Roubaud

Partners on the airwaves and on the web

RADIO is arriving on the airwaves with the much-appreciated partnership of:

– Radio Grenouille in Marseille: 88.8 FM

Dedicates a weekly show to RADIO programmes throughout the summer.

– Radio Campus Paris 93.9 FM

Broadcasts the entire Big Live Show programme and the DJ set on 1 July from 9 pm to 1 am. And much more, all summer long…!

– JET FM Nantes 91.2 FM

Broadcasts all the RADIO shows live.

– Radio Papesse in Florence:

Web Radio, a member of the RADIA European network, hosts a 28-minute selection of Radio at the end of each edition.

Forthcoming date

Radio – Autumn schedule: 1 & 2 October 2016

RADIO’s schedules adjust to the rhythms of a particular subject in poetry: Performance.

Public access – Ticketing

Access to the Auditorium on Friday is 10€ for all the Radio shows, with Le Grand Live. The ticket gives also access to all the Fondation galleries from 6p.m. to 11 p.m.

Saturday : access to Radio is free by booking tickets on

The Auditorium is closed on Saturday 2 July, from 1a.m. to 8.30a.m.

Restaurant “Le Frank” will be open all the evening, on Friday 1 July.

With the participation of Radio On, la radio des étudiants de l’Ecole Supérieure des Beaux- Arts du Mans (ESBA TALM)

Broadcasting direction: Mathilde Faist

Reporters: Solal Boutoux, Francine Abada

Sound design: Valentin Alizer, Koré Préaud, Benoît Villemont, Thomas Rotureau

Education Director: Diane Debuisser

Coordinatorr: Philippe Langlois

Technical team

Technical Manager: Aurélien Guedj

Radio sound technician: Rodolphe Mertens

Room sound technician: Yoann Donatti

Lighting design: Xavier Saint-Marc

Stage design: Robert Hedger / Michel Daladouire / Sébastien Réyé / Antoine Jungmann


An original idea by Anne-James Chaton, in association with Lebeau & Associés

A Fondation Louis Vuitton production

With the participation of Radio On, the radio station of the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts Tours-Angers-Le Mans (ESBA TALM)

In partnership with the Maison Pierre Hermé Paris

Production Manager: Emmanuelle de Montgazon

Executive Production: Lebeau & Associés