Nuit Blanche — 1 and 2 October 2016



 A web radio station dedicated to poetry  

 designed by Anne-James Chaton  

Fourth and final episode


For the "Nuit Blanche",

24 hours of contemporary poetic creation in all its forms,

in front of a live audience at the Fondation


RADIO 4 presents from the Fondation: from Saturday 1 October at 6pm to Sunday 2 October at 6pm (for the Nuit Blanche).


The RADIO studio presents a special session called "Big Live Nuit Blanche Special" during which the following poetic creations will be broadcast:


- Columns and Sections by Keston SutherlandMéryll AmpeBastien GalletDavid Sanson and Rainier Lericolais, Claire-Mélanie Sinnhuber, Frédéric Danos, and Ghédalia Tazartès, as well as a Talk-Show with visual artist and performer Esther Ferrer.


- "Cabaret discrépant" by Olivia Grandville, a performance by Charles Pennequin, a creation by Jean-Michel Espitallier and Valeria Giuga, "La Voix de la Route" duo byWerner Hirsch and Fred Bigot.  Andy Moor, guitarist from The Ex, will be returning to RADIO to accompany Anne-James Chaton in a unique quartet version of his "Transfer" project with Roy Paci and George Hadow.


- the night will be wrapped up with an exceptional set by Christophe preceded by an outstanding performance by the one-of-a-kind trio, Leslie WinerCarl Michael von Haussewolff and Christophe Van Huffel.


- Following this memorable delve into the world of poetry linked with various performance types, RADIO picks up its audio programmes until the early hours of the morning and wanders the streets of Casablanca with the Moroccan poet Jalal El Hakmaoui, the Columns and Sections from the "Modern Poetry" magazine show and an audio description of a film for "Poetry on Screen".


- The composer Georges Aperghis, tireless creator of innovative performance types, who for over thirty years has been nurturing a radical and multi-faceted work, will be a guest on "The Big Interview" with Thomas Baumgartner and will wrap up this final edition of Radio with two hours of round table discussions about his work and with his guests.


Autumn 2016 Schedule:  From Saturday 1 October at 6 pm to Sunday 2 October at 6 pm

6 pm – 2 pm

Big Live Nuit Blanche Special

Presented by Anne-James ChatonJean-Michel Espitallier and Thomas Corlin.


"Modern Poetry" Magazine and Live shows on all floors of the Fondation (Hall, terraces, auditorium) for the Nuit Blanche and the final edition of RADIO:  Sections, Columns, Talk-Show and Live performances come back to back, and echo the themes of performance Poetry and Voice. On the airways, Sections and Columns on various themes (horoscopes, sport, gardening, cookery, games, television, etc.) commissioned from artists will punctuate this exceptional evening event.


Columns by Keston Sutherland 
(Gardening), Olivia Grandville (Sport), and Sections by Méryll Ampe(Leitmotiv), Bastien Gallet (Eldorado), Perrine ClémentSandra RichardMathilde Faist (Stricto Sensu).


The Talk-Show with Esther Ferrer.


Performances from Olivia GranvilleCharles PennequinJean-Michel Espitallier and Valéria Giuga, "La Voix de la Route" by Werner Hirsch and Fred Bigot, the trio Leslie WinerCarl Michael von Hausswolff and Christophe Van HuffelAnne-James Chaton in a quartet with Andy MoorRoy Paci and Georges Hadow.


From half past midnight: "Christophe Intime" concert


2 am – 3 am  
Poetry in the City

An author is invited to present a report on a city and identify the places and people that bring that city's poetry to life.


Jala El Hakmaoui wanders the streets of Casablanca (Broadcast of a creation commissioned from the author).  

3 am – 4 am
Illustrating poetry

Presented by Henri Landré.

Henri Landré, from JET FM Nantes, has designed a show entirely based on the ties that bind poetry and comic strips.

4 am – 5 am
Which poets are you?


Guests of RADIO 3 answer questions from Radio On students (Broadcast).

5 am – 6.30 am 
"Modern Poetry" Magazine show


Presented by Anne-James ChatonJean-Michel Espitallier and Thomas Corlin.


Broadcast of original themed Sections and Columns lasting 10 to 20 minutes, commissioned from artists. The Columns take another look at issues that can also be found in a report on exploring the foreign expressions that populate the French language.


With Sections by Frédéric Danos (Cookery), Carole Rieussec (Horoscope), Eli Commins (Games), Ghédalia Tazartès (Television) and Columns by David Sanson and Rainier Lericolais (Burn Out), Claire-Mélanie Sinnhuber (Tutti Quanti) and Bastien Gallet (Eldorado).

6.30 am –  7.30 am

The artist ORLAN, who will be in the RADIO 3 studio, present a selection of audio pieces with commentaries.

7.30 am –  8 am 
On the Tip of the Tongue

Charles Znaty, the hidden side of La Maison Pierre Hermé, true Mazarin of Macaroon, speaks to usabout the history-geography of the Pastrycook.(Diffusion)

8 am –  9 am
Creating poetry

Presented by Jean-Michel Espitallier and Emmanuel Rabu.


This show brings together in the studio key players in the poetry "book chain": publishers, distributors, bookshops, institutions, and festivals.


With André Chabin (Director of the Ent’revues association) and Magali Brazil (Director of the Maison de la Poésie in Nantes) et Benoit Peeters (Writer, theorist and filmmaker).

9 am –  10 am
Words & Music

Presented by David Sanson.


What is the relationship between poetry and "modern" music? What is poetry's place in these sound constructions? Where do rhythm and verse, and lyrics and lyricism meet?


Interview with Agnès Gayraud (La Féline) (Broadcast).

10 am – 12 pm
Poetry on Screen

Screenings of films and documentaries linked to poetry. The soundtrack is broadcast on the radio station. An artist chooses a work of fiction, and composes an audio description of it for the show.


Projection : "Comment s'en sortir sans sortir" de Gherasim Luca. 

Marcelline Delbecq décrit "Hotel Monterey" de Chantal Akerman.


The audience for "Poetry on Screen" will be welcomed from 9.30 am at the Fondation with coffee and petit fours provided by Pierre Hermé Paris.

12 pm – 1 pm
School on the Air

Presented by Philippe Langlois.


On the subject of poetry in art schools, teachers and students present major themes for writing, readings and performances.


The École des Beaux-Arts de Toulouse with Yves Caro and Serge Provost, and students Yannick MéricClaire Saucet and Juliette Voute present live extracts of their current research.

1 pm – 2 pm
Exhibiting Poetry

Presented by Nathalie Viot.


Poetry and Visual Art: artists, gallery owners, collectors and directors of institutions are invited to discuss the Fondation's latest exhibitions and contemporary art shows.


With Rachel Labastie (artist), Claire Moulène (Curator at the Palais de Tokyo) and Mélanie Meffrer Rondeau (Co-Director of the Untilthen gallery).

2 pm – 3 pm
Written Music Still Speaks

Presented by Bastien Gallet.


This show asks whether contemporary written music still speaks, in other words whether living or dead poets, movements, texts, bodies and voices have their place in it and, if so, how and in what form.


With Patricia Alessandrini and Ramon Lazkano, composers.

3 pm – 4 pm
Poetry in the Studio

Presented by Hubert Colas.


Poetry has a presence on set, whether it's the director's or the choreographer's. The show asks an artist about his or her relationship with poetic writing.


A live link-up from the ActOral Festival, Marseille with Théo Mercier, Antonio Moresco, Myriam Van Imshoot.

4 pm – 6 pm
The Big Interview

Presented by Thomas Baumgartner.


Two-hour round table with guests focusing on the work of a great artist with links to poetry.


The Big Guest: George Aperghis. With Donatienne Michel-Dansac (Live) and other guests.



Radio broadcasts live from the Fondation Louis Vuitton auditorium and can be accessed online (www.fondationlouivuitton.fr) and on the radio channels of our partner stations. The public can attend recordings and presentations given by its guests from 6 pm to 2 am on Saturday 1 October and from 10 am to 6 pm on Sunday 2 October.

On the Saturday from 6 pm, a light refreshments area will be available.


"Nuit Blanche" Big Live

The "Big Live" is one of the highlights, including a series of performances and concerts which, during the "Nuit Blanche", will take place one after the other in the various open spaces within the Fondation.  Access is free to the public (www.fondationlouivuitton.fr), but is subject to availability.



An original idea by Anne-James Chaton, in association with Lebeau & Associés

A Fondation Louis Vuitton production

With the participation of Radio On, the radio station of the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts Tours-Angers-Le Mans (ESBA TALM)

In partnership with the Maison Pierre Hermé Paris

Production Manager: Emmanuelle de Montgazon

Executive Production: Lebeau & Associés



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